Help Us Find

Here is a list of our class of 69. Do you know the whereabouts of anyone in the not found category?

If you do have any leads please email:

Abbott, Celia Not found
Klinge, Mary Sue (Albanese) Going
Arnold, Lenore Not found
Baggot, Donna Not found
Barsanti, Joyce (Kudrna) Going
Biagini, Kathy (McKibben) Going
Blackwood, Shaun (DiNapoli) Going
Blamey, Jeanne Can't attend
Bourne, Boni Not found
Bryan, Marilyn Not found
Burke, Patty Not found
Cadigan, Jackie Not found
Chiesa, Joanne Not found
Chargin, Jeannie (Dupont) Going
Colla, Norma (Bayless) Going
Conway, Ivka Going
Cornejo, Monica Not found
Cook, Ruthanne (Anne Ramsey) Invited
Crowley, Mary Jo Not found
Cyr, Darolyn Not found
Damberger, Elizabeth Not found
Del Rosso, Delores Not found
Dominguez, Velia Going
Douthwaite, Tisha Invited
Duggan, Catherine Going
Eichhorn-Grant, Dottie Can't attend
Fernandez, Marianne Going
Forbes, Nancy Not found
Fournier, Jean Not found
Fulhorst, Suzanne Not found
Gibson, Beppy Going
Gomes, Kathleen Not found
Graham, Liz Not found
Gullo, Patricia Not found
Gwinn, Janet Can't attend
Hamilton, Mary (Skelly) Going
Hollenbach, Janet Can't attend
Jimenez-Betts, Lory Invited
Johnson, Joann Not found
Kaufmann, Candy Not found
Kemp, Debbie Not found
Kenter, Karen (Aurelio) Going
Lambert, Sharon Going
Langholff, Joanie (Binieks) Going
Lynch, Sue Not found
Mahoney, Marilyn Going
Mantle, Jeanne Going
Martin, Cassie (O'Maley) Going
Martin, Joann Not found
Masella, Sheryl Not found
McConville, Sally (Klein) Maybe
McKell, Catherine (Kelly) Going
McMahon, Sharon Going
Mcnulty, Maureen Going
Mello, Linda (Henderson) Going
Mercado, Janis (Crawford) Going
Messier, Jeanine (Swarner-Thornton) Maybe
Nicolassi, Sarajean Not found
Piper, Marshela Invited
Pon, Jackie (Williams) Going
Preciado, Velia Not found
Pursley, Clara Invited
Quigley, Prudie (Sieber) Not found
Rankin, Marilyn (Coll) Going
Reader, Lorraine Not found
Regan, Terry (McConville) Going
Rodriques, Donna Not found
Saso, Copperwoman (Penny) Going
Shifano, Melody (Kirkham) Going
Silverthorn, Patt Going
Smith, Evy (PHS) Going
Smith, Judy Not found
Spencer, Paulette Going
Swenson, Jane Not found
Stanton, Cathy ( Lamb) Going
Triplett, Joan (Noyes) Going
Thoman, Janeen (Fenton) Going
Tucker, Penny Not found
Tully, Alison Not found
Turner, Jann Going
Visger, Kathleen Going
Vousden, Linda (Sandefur) Can't attend
Wilson, Patricia (Pasetta) Going
Zarka, Jeanne Going